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Appalachian trends has the experience you can trust to bring you qualified leads and grow your business in the Pittsburgh pay per click. Get more sales with the best search and display ads management agency.

Affordable, effective, USA-based Google Ads management.

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Have you been spending hours trying to figure out pay-per-click advertising and are unsure if it is worth the investment?

It’s no secret that content is king on the internet and one of
the way to make your content stand out is through SEO.
However, it is not enough to simply publish great content.
You need to make sure that the search engines are able to
index your content and rank it accordingly. But, that might not always be enough.

Pay-per-click advertising using Google Ads Client Accounts

Appalachian trends will help you increase your sales and grow ad revenue and protect your brand wherever people are watching, playing or engaging

There’s a better way! With the right advertising strategy, we can get your company to the next level. Appalachian Trends has the experience you can trust to bring you qualified leads and grow your business in the Pittsburgh pay-per-click. Get more sales with the best search and display ads management agency. Contact us today. Effective campaigns.

Our expert Google Adwords manager will deliver results for you.

With an award-winning team. Holistic strategies. Now is the best time to invest in PPC advertising. Let us take search engine marketing and social ads off your plate so that you can evolve the services tried and true to your business.

You need to grow your business in the Pittsburgh area, but you’re not sure where to start with PPC Advertising.

Put our 9 years of experience to work for you. We can help you with successful campaigns that will get you the qualified leads you need.

Definition: pay-per-click management is the process of overseeing and managing a company’s PPC ad spend. These are often strategies and ad buy while minimizing the overall expenditure. PPC management is where a marketer oversees a company’s entire PPC ad strategy and budget. Appalachian trends deliver insight, strategy, and execution to unlock real, measurable PPC growth. Need a little help? We provide hourly consulting or turn-key PPC management.

Our Google Adwords management service will help you find qualified leads and grow your business with more sales! Let us show you how to reach more potential customers and increase your profits with PPC Advertising.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We’ve vast knowledge in creating high-performance PPC with the power to get a high return on your investment. With pay-per-click campaigns, you’ll collect a rise in sales for a lower cost per unit. We’ve delivered industry-leading, effective pay-per-click management services since the creation of PPC over 15 years ago. Our high-quality PPC management services include google ads and bing, Microsoft ad center. If you decide to use us as your PPC manager, you’ll see a change within the impact that pay-per-click management makes on your business.

Sales Conversions: Where Science Meets Art

The PPC marketplace is very saturated, which makes it highly competitive, and requires strategic marketing paired with analytical dexterity. We at Appalachian trends media tactfully develop PPC marketing and keyword content to usher in interested consumers and permit the tracking of these consumers through your sales pipeline. By utilizing advanced tracking and analytics during this process, strategic keywords and low-performing web pages are acknowledged and adjusted as necessary. Using ongoing pay-per-click management and campaign development, we’ll maximize your ROI and make the sales you would like to extend business.

We’ll help you make the most of your account

Analyze the key points of your current PPC campaigns and evaluate their effectiveness.

Pay-per-click advertising is one of the premier ways to hyper-target your most valued audience. It allows you to reach them in specific geographic regions, and gain a leg up against competitors.

Discover how Appalachian Trends’ full-service digital agency can help you get the most out of Google’s marketing tools.