3-Ways to Enhance your Google My Business Page

Posted On December 24, 2019

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3-ways to Enhance your Google Business Page

It’s free to add your business to Google Search and Maps. Create your Business Profile to get reviews, post offers, and connect with customers





Powerful Google My Business Features No One Talks About.

If your business serves customers within a specific service area such as Uniontown, PA, or a selected Region like “Greater Pittsburgh Region” you can list your service area on your Google My Business listing and rank in the local results hiking your status on google search.

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1.Posting Updates


PRO TIP: Download this spead sheet to use the proper categorical listing


  What is Google My Business?
  GMB is one of the best tools local businesses have for getting found online.
  Publish a 360 virtual tour of your business – See our 360 Photography Tour Collection 
  GMB By investing more time, though, you’ll begin to learn more about how to extract more value from your page.
  Pro-Tip: #GMB Competition Categories Wondering about what categories your top competitors are using?
  Search for your competitor on Google Maps and then right-click and hit View Page Source on the knowledge panel










Businesses with search listings are:




  • 94% more likely to be viewed as reputable
  • More likely to be used than businesses without a listing.
  • 29% more likely to motivate consumers to consider purchasing goods or services from them
    According to google




To learn how to create your Google My Business account, verify your business, and make it’s listing as strong as possible, read on.
Visit this helpful
To learn how to create your Google My Business account, verify your business, and make its listing as strong as possible, read on.