Web Development UI/UX design,

web development is all about appealing to your eyes by creating your idea into a reality!

We’re both designer and developer: roles are vastly different but must complement each other to create an effective brand presence on the internet

Appalachian Trends provides digital services to a construction company. They developed their website, implemented a CRM system, and designed a logo. Now, they work on social media and Google positioning

Content Strategy

Information Architecture

Business Consulting


Website hosting

increase your conversions.


Business Branding

You want to quickly create your own beautiful and unique website, without having to deal with all the complexities and hassle.

- Let our experts handle your website WordPress Web Development and you can focus on what you do best. -

Your company website is an investment within the future—and once you consider it as your first sales employee (who never asks for vacations or sick days), you’ll realize just how affordable it really is to do it right the first time by getting a professionally-designed, regularly optimized website that’s uniquely tailored to your business objectives!

Social Media Manager Creative

Social Media & Opt-In Ready With Split Testing Technology

The emphasis on creating great-looking mobile websites is
important for the success of a business.

All of your sites are social media ready and comes with a highly customizable unintrusive opt-in feature. To top that up, your site or landing page will be supported with split testing technology if you need it.

Marketing agency in Fayette County Pennsylvania

First impression matters, Appalachian Trends Web Design agency that understands the different needs of businesses and how to build a quality app from scratch.

Cookie-cutter website platforms like Wix and Squarespace may seem easy, but they’ll cause your business big problems
Sure they are cheap, and your grandma could use them, but what does that say about your business?

Cookie-cutter- websites-template websites are just not a wise investment for your company.

They’re not unique,

they’re not yours,
(meaning you do not own you rown content!) Furthermore, they lack flexibility, and functonality


Targeting-marketing-Web -design-appalachian-trends (2)Web -design-appalachian-trends

Increase Traffic to your Site and Convert Browsers into Buyers.

What are the benefits of using WordPress?

The most-used CMS on the web, WordPress is an open-source software platform that provides an unmatched level of freedom and flexibility for any size website project. Customized solutions for web design and development. 10 years ago we started building websites, Over the years we’ve mastered this skill. We offer the most up-to-date technology that’s professionally developed.

WordPress is used by 59.6% out of all the Content Management Systems (CMS) out there. This is out of all the Content Management Systems (CMS) out there.

This is 26.5% of all websites. With DIVI to enhance the features and future of WordPress, you can never go wrong with this combination. These are the 2 platforms we will be focusing on to develop all websites.



Let's face it - your website should be the best it can be.

 But, you don’t have to spend hours looking at design templates to find the right look for your company. Let our designers take care of it for you.

That’s why our talented design team will take your ideas and make a website that’s fresh and new. With a focus on user-friendly and mobile responsiveness, you’ll get the website you want that looks stylish, posh, and visually pleasing.

Our WordPress web development services are affordable, comprehensive, and hassle-free. Let us take care of all the dirty work so you can focus on what matters most—running your business. We have the experience and the know-how to make sure it’s built right for you and your business.

SEO optimized Customized solutions

Have your products or services changed? Does your SEO need some work? Is your website easy to navigate? Does it support purchases?

The Basics of Web Designing a Website

  • Adding design services (Graphic Design, Illustration, etc)
  • Domestic website hosting
  • International website hosting
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • CMS training
  • Technical SEO Add on marketing services (i.e. SEO)
  • Google Analytics installed
  • Analytics conversion rate/target tracking
  • Cross-browser testing
  • Load speed optimization
  • The server configuration
  • Continuous deployment
  • CMS Integration (WordPress)

Hosting comes with a cost, but our hosting packages are designed to fit your budget, so you’re not forced into a contract just because you can’t afford more.



Web design refers to how it looks, also known as the aesthetic part of the website. We create designs that best communicate your brand message, guide users toward specific goals, and make your customers happy.

Our design team will take the ideas your business provided and create a website that’s new and fresh. With user-friendly, mobile responsiveness, and stylishness in mind, we’ll confirm that the website is pleasing to look at and use.

Aspects like buttons, fonts, headings, subheadings, and pictures are established your brand throughout the website to produce the “clean” look we are known for. Additionally, our team of photographers is out there to shoot original photo content for your new website providing you with even more content for marketing outlets like social media and print advertising.

Although a website design will attract the proper customer, text still rules an internet site. Believe it, what are you reading right now? That’s right, text! It provides the required information that your customers need or want to understand.

This is often also where SEO and readability will help your website flourish because search engines are always crawling for keywords. What’s SEO and readability? 


We explore every option in order to ultimately create an intuitive site architecture. We build a website user experience that is efficient and easy to navigate. We create design concepts that best communicate your brand message, guide users toward specific goals, and make your customers smile. 

Interested in design? We offer design services for an additional fee


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